As 2013 was about to end, it felt like searching for another program partner was a thing of the past. Then, in late August, producer Le'Andre met the inspiring Jessica Surls at The World Networks event for entrepreneurs. The World Networks, networking queen, and founder Lousine Karibian introduced them and later the two began producing small media projects. By the beginning of October, they effectively achieved so much in little time and collaboratively debuted a new webcast program named SO DELICIOUZ TV. Overall, focusing on reporting fashion, networking, entrepreneurship, talent, and some other general interviews. The channel was originally a collaborative content partnership hosted by Jessica "Barbie", produced by Le’Andre "Mr Hef." It is currently hosted and co-produced by Jennifer Tapiero, original Jessica Surls and executive producer Le’Andre Belle, and other former beautiful spoke models along with Lydia E., Momboss PR as the publicist.


So there you have it—now their mission is bold, aiming at the bigger and bad-der celebrity press events. We can't think of a better way to combat the haters to come. SO DELICIOUZ TV is currently attending press coverage with A-listers television shows and feature films like: (NBC, FOX, TBS, USA networks, Paramount, Lionsgate, etc.)


SO DELICIOUZ TV, previously known as LNR Production TV and LNR Media, The web program first launched in 2009 and was originally hosted by varies experienced collaborators with ties to the media and entertainment industries. It features stories and gossip about celebrities as well as the film, music, and television industries. Subsequently, the show was the named LNR Production TV, and webcast over a variety of formats in the early-2010s. At this time, contributors were leaving and put into question if LNR Production TV will continue. Later, Le'Andre Belle the creative producer of LNR Production TV announced the cancellation to reform his webcast program.